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"You never get a second chance to make a first impression."    

MJ DVD Cover70% Increase is sales when MicroMotionTM

is used on DVD/Blue Ray Cover!

Alloktes, PTY, a licensee of the MicroMotionTM technology used a starburst pattern on the DVD cover for the Australian market.  Sales in Australia were 1.7 times greater per capita than the sales in the USA, where MicroMotionTM wasn't used.

ProMotion Bus Shelter

ProMotionTM used in bus shelter ad campaign in Vancouver.



FIFA PosterReflexTM and MicroMotionTM team up for FIFATM World Cup POP.


ProMotionTM chosen for unique 3D effect on credit cards.


Intellectual Property Law and Technology (Sword and Shield)

We use our knowlegde and experience to guide companies through the maze of IP; to maximise the potential of their technology and maintain a conpetitive advantage.  Our 30 years of technology development combined with our 9 years of legal efforts give us an intimate understading of both science and law




MicroMotionTM "starburst" pattern on PSA Label


TechnografixTM continues to develop new technologies and manages a portfolio of cutting edge technologies.  Our work has demonstrated documented dramatic impacts on sales and our customers mainatin their technological advantage over their competition.


If you are looking to stand above your competition, contact us.


What do we do?  TechnografixTM is a multifaceted IP Technology company providing Legal Guidance for protecting Intellectual Prooperty, Strategic Monetization of IP Portfolio's, Technology Development and Leadership.  

Where are we located?  Physically based in Lindenhurst, Illinois, but operates globally.

Why look to us?  We believe almost anything can be achieved if broken down into small enough steps.

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